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Interior Decorating Services 

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Interior Decorating Services

I specialize in large home projects from concept to completion.  Starting with you at your design center appointment to make selections on cabinetry, tile and so forth.  Then we begin the shopping phase.  The final phase is my favorite - when everything comes together.  

Creating a home is like a never ending story.

Window Treatments

Window Treatments are an investment and without them, the room looks incomplete.  They are an important accessory.  Take a look below at window treatments that made dramatic impact on the beauty of the room.

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Great Room no drapes
Great room drapes
Bonus Room
Lower Level Bonus Room

Custom Window Treatments can be costly but they are also the perfect finishing touch!  Always the last thing that gets installed in my decorating process.  But where does one begin?

Start with the function - Privacy?  Light?  Room Darkening?  Choosing the right fabric content, color and pattern sets the mood for the room and determines whether your décor blends or creates a pop! 

Dining Room

"If you love something, it will work.  That's the only real rule."

Bunny Williams

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