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New Creations

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New Creations

This project started in August with the selection of pool tiles.  After months of construction, shopping and careful planning, this homeowner is ready to relax and enjoy their new home.

I wanted to try something different on this dining room wall and my client was all in.  I wanted the herringbone pattern to really stand out so I chose a very vibrant paint color to compliment the wall.  I'm not going to lie....the color kept me up a few nights.  Once the new chandelier went up, I was convinced the colors were perfect.  Now awaiting the furniture.

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This project began in August 2017 and I couldn't ask for nicer clients!  

Still a few more things to do but the house looks beautiful.

Office complete
Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
Master Bath before
Master Bath After

Finishing a beautiful home comes down to artwork and decorative accessories and since these items are so personal, the client really needs to have final approval of what gets put in their home.

I typically shop for items and place them throughout the home until the client approves.  This home was so much fun to work on and the clients delightful!