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About Us

When asked the age old question "What do you want to be when you grow up", Kathy has always said "An Interior Decorator".  She attended The University of Connecticut and studied Interior Design but she preferred the decorating aspect more then the architectural side and decided to concentrate on that within her business.  "I love working with color and texture and advising on furniture to bring a room to life".  Going into her 17th year in the business she has helped people achieve organized, beautiful homes that reflect their lifestyle.  The relationships Kathy built in her core business began to extend beyond decorating and clients expressed a need for basic home services and post closing personal touches and this is when Brian joined the team.

Brian spent over 30 years as an Insurance Executive and was ready for a change.  As clients began to express the need for home services and additional post closing work, outside of decorating, the two joined forces to work together.  Brian handles most of the home watch items and meeting contractors on site for installation which allows Kathy to spend more time with clients on the decorating.

Brian and Kathy have lived in Southwest Florida for 7 years.  They have three sons, a dog and two cats.  They understand family and chaos and a budget and their goal is to provide a beautiful, livable home that you love.