Kathy Poirier Interior DecoratorKathy Poirier Interior Decorator

Home Watch and Concierge

Interior Inspection

  • Check HVAC Unit
  • Doors and windows
  • Inspect for water leaks
  • Turn on and run water through sinks tubs,  showers and toilets to prevent drying of gaskets
  • Assess any mold or mildew accumulation
  • Inspect circuit breaker board
  • Check condition of home after authorized guests depart, if requested
  • Check for any signs of pests
  • Start and run vehicle, if requested

Water and hot water heater 

will be turned off after inspection

Exterior Inspection

  • Check for lawn/sprinkler damage
  • Secure packages, flyers and newspapers
  • Check pool/spa for water level and discoloration
  • Inspection of pool cage and screens
  • Assure pool pump is running properly